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Mother’s Day: A Brief (and Floral) History

May 09, 2017

While celebrations honoring motherhood have existed since ancient Greek and Roman times, when mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele were the stars of their own festivals, the U.S. added Mother’s Day to its official holiday calendar in 1914. Since then, Mother’s Day has remained an annual celebration observed on the second Sunday in May.

The holiday as we know it was first created by Anna Jarvis -- the daughter of a woman named Ann Reeves Jarvis, who was responsible for “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” and “Mother’s Friendship Day,” events that ultimately helped reunite opposing sides after the Civil War. The sentiment behind Anna’s original Mother’s Day was to honor the close ties between mothers and their families, and she worked for several years to gain recognition for the holiday.

After it was officially adopted in the early twentieth century, Anna ended up renouncing its commercialization -- but by then the concept had caught on. Anna’s original Mother’s Day traditions encouraged participants to visit with mom or attend church and wear a white carnation pinned to their chest. This final custom gained remarkable mainstream traction, and Mother’s Day eventually became synonymous with gifting fresh flowers.

Many variations of Mother’s Day are celebrated around the world, including Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom, Muttertag in Germany, and a 3-day festival that comes after the rainy season in Ethiopia (called Antrosht). This year, the U.S. will celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 14.

Our nation traditionally celebrates Mother’s Day by showering mom with tokens of appreciation -- from sentimental greeting cards to breakfast in bed and, of course, plenty of flowers. No matter how you show your love for the mother figure in your life, she deserves only the best.

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