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This Summer, Shop Local Farm-to-Table at Carpinito Bros.

Jun 07, 2017

It’s that time of year again: as of June 7, fresh produce is back at Carpinito Brothers!

This summer, your family deserves more than standard supermarket produce. Shop the freshest Pacific Northwest-grown fruits and vegetables- all at our Kent Valley farm stand.

The Carpinito family has enjoyed fresh, farm-to-table eats for our 50 years in the family growing business, and as local produce remains in high demand, we are committed to making farm-to-table dining accessible in our neighbors’ homes.

Why farm-to-table?

“Farm-to-table” began as a movement that fostered close relationships between professional kitchens and the producers from whom they sourced ingredients. In other words, the concept encourages consumers and food industry pros alike to know where their food comes from, and ultimately advocates the many benefits of locally grown food. The philosophy has burgeoned into a popular lifestyle in which optimal freshness, high quality, and seasonality reign supreme.

The flavor benefits of fresh and local food are largely the result of reduced shipping distance and time from harvest to consumption. Produce that has been shipped hundreds of miles loses considerable nutritional value by the time it reaches nearby shelves, as nutrients begin to diminish once produce is picked. Locally grown food reaches consumers soon after harvest, so more nutritional value is retained for you to enjoy when you crunch into a fresh green salad or bite into a juicy peach. Community-grown produce is also less susceptible to the contamination risk posed by shipping.

Local, farm-to-table produce also supports economic and environmental health. Community members and local producers are rewarded with mutually beneficial economic gain, as the premium for imported produce is removed from the equation and farmers profit directly. All this, paired with reduced emissions from shorter transport distance, creates one winning recipe.

Farm-to-table in your own kitchen

Carpinito Bros. will open with a full produce store featuring Carpinito Grown and local Northwest options. Truckloads of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more will be continuously arriving every day throughout the summer, with a rotating selection based on seasonality:

June: Bring home your favorite Carpinito Grown lettuces and greens for fresh salads, sandwiches for picnics, and stir-frys starting. Don’t miss local Washington-grown berries and cherries for homemade jams, preserves, and fruit pies.

July: Expect to see watermelon just in time for festive BBQs! No summer spread is complete without ripe peaches, nectarines, and apricots. Beans, squash, broccoli and cauliflower, carrots, herbs, onions, and corn will also make a delicious debut.

August: Carpinito Grown corn should be in full swing, and don’t forget your watermelon for the final dog days of summer. Canning boxes are the perfect way to preserve your bounty and enjoy it year round.

Follow Carpinito Bros. on Facebook for regular updates on what’s in stock and to check out our weekly specials. Come visit your local produce market for farm-to-table freshness, 7 days a week, all season long!