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Bulk Landscape Material

For the last 40 years, Carpinito Brothers has been providing the best quality landscape material in the Kent Valley at an every day low price. All of our bulk landscape material is formulated from local, all-natural ingredients. Bulk products are available for you to haul from our facility with an open-bed truck or trailer, or it can be conveniently delivered to your home, business or job site. Call us today for a quote!

*Please note the images shown below may not represent the exact size and color of the material you will receive. These pictures are intended to give a general idea of what our products look like. For any questions about colors or sizes, we encourage visiting our store in Kent for the most accurate image.

Material Calculator


Medium Bark

  • This is the most popular and commonly used bark and is approximately 1 1/2" minus in size. Bark is ideal for a landscape mulch and ground cover and is the best solution for weed control. Bark also conserves moisture in the soil and controls soil temperature. Apply 3"-4" of bark every 2-3 years for the best results. (Photo may not represent current bark color).
  • Also available in 2 cf bags.


Fine Bark

  • Fine bark is a product of medium bark that has gone through a 3/4" minus screen. Fine bark contains small pieces and is typically seen as a cleaner and smoother look to your landscape. If you do not like larger pieces of bark, then you may want to consider fine bark. (Photo may not represent current bark color).

Coarse Bark

  • Coarse Bark is a screened material consisting of mostly longer & bigger pieces with hardly any fines. It will not break down as fast as other bark. Coarse is great for pathways and for applying on banks due to its durability. Coarse bark is not considered a nugget bark. (Photo may not represent current bark color).

3-Way Topsoil

  • 60% Valley loam, 30% Steer•Gro™, 10% sand.
  • Use this all-purpose premium soil for planting raised vegetable gardens, new lawns, flowerbeds, planting trees, shrubs and more. 
  • This universal mix is formulated specially for our Northwest climate.
  • Best if used as an in-ground material. Not recommended for pots and planters. Use North Country Potting Soil for planting in containers.
  • Also available in 1 cf bags.


  • 50/50 mix of aged barnyard manure and sawdust. An all-natural soil amendment, used to help grow healthier & greener vegetable gardens, new lawns, flowerbeds, planters and baskets. Add it to your existing soil to make excellent topsoil.
  • Also available in 1 cf bags.

Compost Mulch

  • A rich, dark colored material made from composted residential yard debris and forest by-products.
  • Excellent for soil amending, landscape top cover, mulching, retarding weeds, moisture retention and more.

  • Also available in 1 cf bags.

Play Chips

  • Natural cedar wood chips. Used in play areas for a softer playground.
  • Excellent for dog kennels for dry bedding, absorbing odors and insect repellent.
  • Average size 1" - 2 1/2" with some longer pieces.
  • If it needs to meet any requirements, a sample should be obtained.

  • Also available in 2 cf bags.

5/8" Minus Crushed Gravel

  • 5/8" Crushed rock down to sand. This is the most commonly used gravel for walkways, residential driveways. Also great for projects requiring a compacted surface.

1 1/4" Minus Crushed Gravel

  • 1 1/4" crushed rock down to sand. Great for walkways, driveways and projects requiring a compacted surface.

1 1/2" Washed Drain Rock

  • Smooth river rock. Recommended use is for drain fields or for decorative landscaping. There are no fines in this rock and it will not pack down.

1/2"-7/8" Washed Drain Rock

  • Smooth river rock. Recommended use is for drain fields or decorative landscaping. No fines and it won't pack down tight.

Pea Gravel

  • 3/8" washed drain rock. Smooth pea-sized rocks. Used for landscaping projects, play areas and dog kennels. No fines and it won't pack down.



  • Clean, washed sand. Great for children's sandboxes, under patio pavers and other general construction uses. 

North Country Potting Soil

  • Premium quality all-purpose potting medium.
  • Excellent for potted plants, flower gardens, bedding plants, transplants, herbs, bulbs, nursery shrubs and roses, planter boxes and hanging baskets.
  • The ideal product to use when growing plants in pots or containers.

  • Also available in 1 cf bags.

Professional Greenhouse Potting Mix:

  • Commercial grade potting mixture used in the greenhouse production of vegetable plants, flower bedding plants, and other indoor growing. Not recommended for outdoor use. 


  • All-natural forest product
  • Used as a soil amendment, animal bedding, ground cover and for mounding plants.