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Produce Market

There’s no better way to enjoy produce season than at the Carpinito Produce Market! June through December, we offer a wide variety of freshly-harvested fruits and vegetables that have been hand-selected from Washington State farms.

Much of what we have for sale at the Produce Market comes from our own Carpinito family farm in the Green River Valley, from which we hand-harvest our signature Carpinito Grown vegetables every morning to bring in fresh daily. Of course, we can’t grow everything ourselves—for over 40 years, we’ve worked to establish excellent relationships with other farmers throughout Washington State in order to bring the bounty of the whole region to our Produce Market and to the kitchens of Seattle-area families.

We hope to see you in the stand soon!

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Arrival Dates

When are local strawberries coming in? When will the Elberta Peaches arrive?

We get questions about our seasonal crops every day, and so we now have an Arrival Dates Sheet to help our customers know when to expect their favorite fruits and vegetables!

Please reference the link provided for an approximate time for seasonal produce arrival dates, and for more information, like our Facebook page! We post weekly produce specials, fun images, and Carpinito updates.

If you would like to reserve a box or flat of any particular produce item, please call our main office to find out the status and to put your name in the reservation books. Popular items like local berries and local new apples go fast—don't wait until it's too late, call us today!

Carpinito Grown

The Green River Valley (Kent/Auburn WA) has been providing the country with high-quality, nutrient-rich crops for over 160 years. The fertile soil of the valley has been prized for its quality since the 1850s, and we’re proud to be working the same historic farmland today.

Our family farm has grown through generations to include over 700 acres in the Green River Valley. Our hand-harvested vegetables are some the freshest, tastiest local vegetables in the Pacific Northwest, and the rich, historic land on which they are grown provides optimal quality and taste.

Carpinito Grown vegetables can always be found at low prices in our produce market from June to December and at local produce distributors year-round. Our veggies have a short, safe trip from our farm to the Produce Stand or distributor, making farm-to-table living easy, delicious, and community-driven.