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Corn Maze

**Last admission to the corn maze is at 5:30pm**

Our challenging and expertly-designed corn mazes are a must-see at Carpinito Brothers Pumpkin Patch in the beautiful Kent Valley. Each year, we offer new and innovative maze designs to keep you guessing what’s around the next corner!

This year's designs is dinosaurs. Our mazes vary in difficulty and have a comined 3.6 miles of paths. It's great fun for groups, organizations, family outings and team building for businesses.


How It's Made

If you’re wondering how our corn mazes are constructed, you guessed right, its aliens. If it were only that easy. The truth is, we work with MazePlay (link), a corn maze company out of Idaho. That’s right, there is a company that specializes in the design process, planting, and cutting of all things corn maze. We work with MazePlay in early summer to plan a new design each year. Once the design is finalized, they make a trip to our field in mid-summer to begin the on-site process.

In previous years, we would plant a full field of corn, and when the corn was about a foot tall, MazePlay would drive a small tractor with a roto-tiller and cut away the paths in the shape of the maze. But now they have a new process which is remarkable and extremely effective.

This year, they planted the corn exactly to the design of the maze. Think about that. How it works is a tractor with a seed planter will do passes, back and forth on a bare field. The seed planter communicates with a digital file of our maze map, and drops seeds where there needs to be corn, and doesn’t drop seeds where there are paths. Imagine all the stopping and starting the seed planter must do during each pass with all those paths.

If you have an idea for a future corn maze design, please email us at info@carpinito.com, what you think! If your design is selected, you can receive free pumpkins and admissions for next year!

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