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Farm Fun Yard

Farm Fun Yard Address:
6720 S 277th St, Kent, WA 98032

Our Farm Fun Yard is just that... FUN! Filled with adventure at every stop, families can come and enjoy our Farm Fun Yard activities including: Farm Animals, Hay Maze, Corn Pen, Duck Races, Rodeo Ropin' Cows, Goat Walk and much more!

The Farm Fun Yard is located just across the street from our Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze. You can walk across the street, or drive. There is ample parking at both locations.


Farm Animals
Come and say hello to our furry farm friends! Our farm animals are so excited to meet you and your family at our Farm Fun Yard. Here you can see pigs, baby piglets, rabbits, pheasants, sheep, cows, goats, chickens, and more. You can even give the goats a treat as they climb up the goat walk high in the sky!

Rubber Duck Derby
This is one of our more popular activities at the Farm Fun Yard. These levered water pumps are so much fun for the children to race the rubber ducks down the chutes to the other side... and back again and again. Parents love it too!

Hay Maze
Designed with the little ones in mind! Our Hay Maze is a great way to start building those corn maze-navigation skills. Filled with paths, turns, and forts, your child's imagination soars in this kid-friendly hay maze while you sit back and relax!

Rodeo Ropin’ Cows
Want to know what farm life is all about? We challenge you to rope one of our Rodeo Ropin’ Cows! Make it a family event to see who can get the closest. Practice makes perfect, so try as much as you would like!

Goat Walk
This activity is one that lets you engage with the goats. put a quarter in our feed dispenser and recieve a handful of food. Place the food in the cup, which is attached to a pulley rope, and send it way up to the top platform, where the goats are waiting to eat!

Corn Pen
Come swim in a sea of golden yellow kernels like Scrooge McDuck in his pile of money! Surrounded by bales of hay, these shucked dry corn kernels are a dynamic sensory activity for children to see, smell, hear and touch. The corn pen is truly a crowd favorite!

Hay Pile
The Hay Pile is  a pen of loose straw for the kiddos to play in. We also have a safe large slide and a small slide to shoot down into the straw. 


Please note that the Farm Fun Yard is at a different location than our main store in Kent. For directions to the store, please follow this link.